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Welcome to my website, TheTruthNetwork.com. I started learning search engine optimization in 1999 and was the first SEO consultant in Dallas-Fort Worth. I'm a proven expert, and have ranked hundreds of websites on the 1st page in Google, Yahoo! and Bing for very competitive keywords. With me you'll get professional consulting and implementation services, combined with years of experience that really make a difference without breaking the bank. For a limited time only, I'm offering a FREE SEO ANALYSIS, which is a $1,000 value.

About My SEO Services

I work contrary to most search engine optimization companies, in that I do not require you to sign a contract or pay monthly fees. This means you can deal with me to get your site ranking without being forced into recurring monthly charges forever, or having to sign a contract. If you do want monthly monitoring and ongoing internet marketing advice however, I do have that service available at the very affordable rate of $300 per month, on a month to month basis.

I hate contracts because often times companies do not follow through with their promises after taking your money. I hear complaints daily from those who feel as if they’ve been ripped off by SEO companies, or are stuck in an agreement they can’t wait to get out of because it’s not benefiting them. Internet marketing is a major investment and choosing the right consultant is key to success. Don’t be taken advantage of, learn the truth about what it takes to rank locally or nationally, and find out about the changing state of search engine optimization and Google, before you lock-in or spend thousands.

Not ALL Web Designers Are Optimizers

Do you think all web designers are also SEO experts? Think again! Most website designers have no web marketing experience, much less a proven track record of ranking success. I have been in this industry since the beginning and have the knowledge that can only be gained by ranking hundreds of websites in very competitive situations and riding out all of Google’s algorithm changes.

Many marketing companies who offer SEO are not qualified or worthy of your trust and can’t even get their own sites ranked on the 1st page for high traffic keywords. Why would you pay one of them thousands to position you?

Make Sure Their Clients Rank High for Multiple Search Phrases

Don't lose your shirt to a bunch of empty promises because you have no clue about what you really need. Accept some responsibility for your fate, become empowered. Learn the right questions to ask. Not everyone claiming to be an SEO guru is one. See an example of a DMCA copyright infringment letter I wrote to Google about a so-called internet marketing expert who was stealing my testimonials here.

Conduct a Google search to make sure the company's website ranks on the 1st page for numerous top keyword terms (Check Google, Yahoo! & Bing). Then look at their client's sites and make sure they also place well for multiple, highly competitive phrases, not just one. Snoop around and make sure for yourself the search engine optimization company is good at what they do and check their references.

To see what keywords a site is targeting for your ranking test, right click on the background area and choose to view the source code. The terms they are trying to rank for should be in the title and meta-description tags. Many web pages still even have a meta-keywords tag and you can find the keywords there. Check my website's performance for its obvious terms (hint: services, consultant, expert, company) and determine for yourself if I'm proficient at what I do. Test my placement in several area suburbs too (see cities listed below and check "seo" and "web design").

A company that excels at search engine marketing will have many references, no complaints filed with the BBB and an A+ rating.

You need someone with an in-depth knowledge of SEO in Dallas-Fort Worth, a trusted advisor that won't size you up for all you're worth. Not only can I help, I offer genuine, comprehensive web marketing solutions at an affordable price.

FREE SEO COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS - $1,000 Value. Email me to schedule a call.

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90+ Customer Reviews for SEO Services
The SEO service that Shelley provides is truly FIVE STAR! She has delivered on her goal to optimize my site for the search engines. When I investigated this process, I received quotes from companies requiring large up front fees plus monthly retainers. I doubt that any of these companies would have done any better. Shelley is honest and efficient. She is able to follow up on my requests quickly, often within a few hours. She has my highest recommendation.... On a scale of 1-100, where 1 is terrible and 100 is terrific. Shelley is a 101! Best investment I ever made.
-Scott Zashin M.D.
Thank You Your Majesty the Queen of SEO, Her Royal Highness of the House of Dallas, Princess of the Internet, Duchess of Ranking, Countess of Finding, Baroness of cut the caca.
-Guy McCord

...The Dallas SEO guru I was telling you about is Shelley Cates... I have used many people in the past. As you and I know, many of them promise the moon but deliver zero. Shelley is the real deal. I trust her implicitly. I have been with her for about 5 years and I rank #1 for the most competitive search terms in an extremely competitive field... I am confident she will be able to get your website ranking very well in short order. -KB
Shelley is my SEO consultant. She is an expert and does great work. My business is flourishing thanks to her. If you're willing to invest a little money, she can help you get your company on track by showing you how to optimize your web design. For simple proof go to Google, type in "SEO Dallas". You will find her site TheTruthNetwork.com ranked #1 or #2 on the search. For me, someone who can get their own company to the top in their own field, is who I want to work with. -Randy Moon, Business Consultant
Your web design and search engine optimization has totally changed my life. I cannot thank you enough for what you did. Business is better than ever. -TT  
I am very happy with the site. Your Dallas search engine optimization works awesome. We get calls daily. -TM
I had a great experience with Shelley. I highly recommend her. I gave her a list of 8 searches that I wanted to rank well on. She got me ranked #1 on all 8 searches (on all 3 of the major search engines). -Chad Ruback
With Shelley designing and optimizing our website, it has brought us to being number 1 in Google searches in our home city and first page in most of our surrounding cities, this has brought us enough business to drop a $2,000 per month advertising campaign! We can't thank her enough! -Jason S.
Subject: SEO Company Referral
Greg, Shelley Cates can be reached at (214) 212-2495. She is the best SEO in Dallas and I have zero doubts about that! ... She will be happy to walk you through what it is that she charges and what that entails...
Thanks! -JF

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